Couples Counselling

Our approach to working with couples is practical and acknowledges that each relationship is different and ensures that counselling targets the most crucial areas first, often around conflict, but it also ensures that the areas of the relationship associated with growth and connectedness are also addressed.

What is couples therapy like?

Your first session will typically be the start of an ongoing ‘getting to know you’ process. Your therapist will focus on the concerns that have brought you to therapy right now, but may also ask about the history of your relationship. Your therapist will work hard to get to know each of you as individuals, while also paying attention to how the two of you together create your unique relationship dynamics.

When things start to go badly in your relationship, our therapists will see it as being caused by a particular ‘cycle’ or ‘pattern’ that you are caught up in, rather than blaming either or both of you. We see the things you do in this relationship as attempts to protect yourself or your relationship (even though they may be creating distance), rather than being concerned with whether it is ‘wrong or right’.

We understand that it takes courage to come to couples therapy and will take the time to ensure that you feel secure and supported throughout the process.

We have clinicans who are highly trained in evidence-based couples therapy and can assist with a wide range of relationship concerns, including –

  • High conflict relationships
  • Loss of connection
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual concerns
  • Amicable separation