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Dane Barclay, Psychologist

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Dane Barclay, an experienced psychologist with a 15-year career, offers informative workshops that cater to both parents and educators. His workshops cover essential topics such as neurodiversity in the classroom, managing emotions, and addressing anxiety. Dane has successfully conducted presentations for primary and secondary schools throughout Australia, sharing valuable insights backed by the latest research.

Topics Typically Requested and Explored for both Parents and School Settings

Workshop Fees:

Dane Barclay offers engaging and informative presentations at competitive rates to accommodate schools and organizations. The fee structure includes:

Booking Dane Barclay:

Dane Barclay welcomes the opportunity to engage with your school community, offering valuable insights and practical strategies for both parents and educators. Whether you are looking to empower teachers and aides or support parents, Dane can tailor his presentation to meet your unique requirements.

To discuss availability, fees, and customize a presentation that aligns with your school's objectives, please contact Bellarine Psychology.


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