Dane Barclay

Dane BarclayMAPsych(SpEx), FEPSAC, MAPS, MAAPi


Works with: Children, Parents, Adults, Athletes, Couples

Special interests: Sports Psychology, Performance Anxiety, Autism (ASD), ADHD

Favoured interventions: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy

Dane currently has an extensive waitlist and take clients on a case by case basis.

Dane will continue to run workshops and information nights for parents and children throughout 2022-23.

He is also conducting assessments to assess for ADHD, and ASD for both children and adults.

When practicing therapeutically, Dane enjoys helping to create meaningful changes in clients lives.

Dane has historically worked with elite national sporting organisations, and uses a range evidenced based techniques to foster a clear pathway for clients to reach their goals in relation to:

• Anxieties
• Phobias
• Connected Relationships
• Existential meaning and purpose.

When working with families and children, Dane is passionate about developing connected relationships, encouraging a holistic approach to helping children adapt to challenges that may present during their childhood, and having parents help facilitate this growth.


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