Julie Butler

Julie ButlerBSocSc


Works with: Adults, Women

Special interests: Relationship and Family Difficulties, Grief and Loss, Depression, Trauma, Adjustment Disorders, Somatic Illness, Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Favoured interventions: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)

Julie is a registered psychologist who has over 25 years’ experience working with adults in both private and government settings.

“I’m passionate about the work that I do, helping people to alleviate psychological stress so they are able to experience more peace in their lives. I have a genuine interest in people’s life stories (and human behaviour in general) which makes me a great listener and observer. I particularly like helping older clients, who may have experienced and survived difficult life events, to find their voice for things unsaid.”

With an interest in assisting people with anxiety and depression, Julie seeks to help the individual gain a greater understanding of the root cause of their suffering. This often requires identifying emotional processes in body and mind which might be contributing to the suffering, so as symptoms can be alleviated.

Julie is also committed to her own personal development journey and endeavours to keep abreast of the latest ideas and therapeutic approaches that continually emerge. She has undertaken training in therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based interventions and in more recent years in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), a therapy which taps into our ‘unconscious emotional processes’ offering understanding about our psychological as well as somatic difficulties. Julie uses these therapeutic interventions as appropriate, with clients who have presented with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship problems, adjustment difficulties, grief, loss, and somatic distress.

Julie is a registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Julie’s particular interests also include:

• Environmental and social justice advocacy and the intersection of social environments with mental health outcomes.
• Women’s health.


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