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Support Your Child who Experiences Anxiety

Amaroo on Mandalay, 61-79 Mandalay Avenue, Nelly Bay (Magnetic Island) QLD (Yunbenun)

Tickets $45+ GST & Booking Fees

Event Ended

This low cost 1.5 hour workshop aims to give you knowledge and skill sets to help support your child who experiences anxiety.

Topics Covered Include:

The small group workshops are a safe space. There will be some questions asked towards the guests around their own general experiences and at times universal experiences of all parents. During these points of the presentation, guests can choose to contribute their own experiences as little or as much as they like during these points, there is no pressure to contribute your own experiences.

After the presentation, if you have specific questions around your own circumstance, the psychologist, will be more than happy to speak one on one.

If the event is sold out, please contact (03) 5216 3999 to go on the wait list for the next event.

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