Organisations we like to support.

We support the work of SurfAid – who  work together with communities and local government to prevent mother and child suffering and death in Indonesia.

The latest Indonesian statistics show that every three hours a mother dies in childbirth, while every hour 20 babies die. Half of these babies are less than one month old. In remote areas these figures are worse. SurfAid provide a mix of practical support, education and health promotion that aims to change poor health behaviours into positive behaviours. Simple basic stuff, really, and with huge effects!

R U OK?’s vision is a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide. Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

Our goals are to:
1. Boost our confidence to meaningfully connect and ask about life’s ups and downs
2. Nurture our sense of responsibility to regularly connect and support others
3. Strengthen our sense of belonging because we know people are there for us
4. Be relevant, strong and dynamic

We also support these local organisations.

As well as supporting SURFAID who work in developing countries, we also like to invest in local organisations that promote well-being for the community as a whole.

To be honest, there are a myriad of fantastic organisations on the Bellarine Peninsula, that promote inclusiveness, that support mental health and the well-being of individuals and groups, and we are very proud to be linked in to just a few so far, so we can help develop facilities, programs and practically help with well-being and mental health education in the community that we love.